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  • Exhaust Manifold All EJ25 S2X00G3NA001J

    AVOTurboworld's ceramic coated unequal length turbo exhaust manifold with Flex Joint is designed for the Single Scroll Turbocharger 2.0L & 2.5L EJ engine setups.  It is a slightly larger replacement that will help with quicker response over the...

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  • Exhaust Turbo Outlet All EJ20 S2X92G3LA001T

    Exhaust Turbo Outlet All EJ20 S2X92G3LA001T

    AVOTurboworld's single scroll front pipe has a separate cast section to maximise the wastegate and exhaust flow.  The design parameters immediately after the turbocharger are critical not only for outright performance, but for optimum torque and...

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